the story so fAR..

Good good food co was born and raised in Austin, TX in September 2016 as the artist formerly known as deliver eat repeat. We sold ready-to-eat meals, which evolved into a line of cauliflower pizzas. Fast forward 2 years and we're now good good food co with the same mission to create high quality products powered by awesome ingredients. Thanks for your good good support!


Watch part of the story HERE on instagram highlights! 😀

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Fun Fact: I moved to Australia on a one-way flight after I left my soul-sucking post-college corporate job. Take that, cubicle life!

Interests: P's, paddleboarding, podcasts, puns, pizza, puppies.

Disinterests: Voicemails, passwords, olives, weather under 60 degrees.

2 truth's, 1 lie: My cousin directed Hanson's MMMbop video, I traded Ludacris meals for SXSW VIP tix, I grew up in the midwest.