The in-store locations varies depending on the store, but it is usually chillin’ like a villain in the refrigerated dairy/eggs aisle (sometimes it’s in the bakery or grab-n-go section).

If you’re searching high and low in the store and can’t find it, send us a text and we’ll help ya out! 🙂

Don’t see us in your stores, but want some cookie dough in your life?! Request it to someone in the dairy section (this actually helps out a ton and lets them know customers want it!)


Doughcation list:

  • Whole Foods Lamar (Austin, TX)

  • Whole Food Domain (Austin, TX)

  • Whole Foods Gateway (Austin, TX)

  • Whole Foods Arbor Trails (Austin, TX)

  • Whole Foods Bee Caves ((Austin, TX)

  • Thom’s Market Riverside (Austin, TX)

  • Thom’s Market Barton Springs (Austin, TX)

  • Thom’s Market Spyglass (Austin, TX)

  • Royal Blue Grocery - Congress (Austin, TX)

  • Farmhouse Delivery (Austin, TX)