Ava's Brookies

brookies? slutty brownies? cookie brownies? brownie cookies? the debate is never ending for the name of these. but one thing is for sure— THEY FREAKING ROCK! 
made these VEGAN and PALEO cookie topped brownies for a party I hosted and they were gone in 5 sec no joke. 
deEATS—> for the brownie I used @bakeritablog paleo and vegan brownies. I cooked them for 5 min then topped them with 3 containers of @goodgoodfoodco chocolate chip cookie dough and baked for another 25-30 min. I let them cool overnight then cut em up!! HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS! another sunny day today! soaking it up because it’s supposed to be insane storms and rain on Wednesday again:( hope y’all have an amazing day!❤️

Brad Snedden