Oven Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie


Is there a sweet treat more nostalgic than chocolate cookies? I think not! This is the modern day version of your childhood treat..made with almond flour and with out eggs (don’t ask me how it bakes so well because I am not a scientist!). For this recipe, we’re using our chocolate chip cookie dough because we’re a little biased.

  • Grab 1 container of cookie dough

  • place it onto a tray and into an oven that’s 350 degrees hot! 🔥🔥

  • Stare into the oven, admiring the process for 8-10 minutes (subjective to how crispy you like it)

  • let it cool, eat, repeat!

Prough Tip: Topping it with your favorite nut butter makes it good good good!

Brad Snedden