Air Fryer Brownie 🤤

Every time I look at the word Fry..I immediately think of Fyre Fest for some reason, but don’t get it twisted because this air fryer brownie is any thing but a disaster!

There are few kitchen appliances I recommend and this is one of them.. the only problem that once you try a cookie/brownie in the air fryer, you will never be able to go back to a basic oven cookie. If you cook it right, the convection will crisp up the top and the bottom will remain doughy creating the best of both worlds in one bite! Here’s what I found to work best based on my Costco, 5 quart air fryer.

  • Grab your favorite brownie batter dough

  • place it onto the air fryer rack

  • ‘Fry’ for 3-4 minutes on 370 degrees (I recommend checking on it at 3 minutes so you don’t overcook it bc the moneymaker is having the top half crispy and the bottom half raw!)

  • Let it cool, eat, repeat!

Brad Snedden